First Published Wargame?

Reinhard zu Solms printed a series of eight books entitled “War Orders” which contained information on the strategy of war. The pages of the seventh volume, printed in 1560, contain the rules and illustrations for a war game created to help the reader understand the strategy of the previous volumes. Hans Döring beautifully illustrated the pieces (half printed in black the other in red–the two ink colors available at the time) as well as this lovely piece depicting the warlords of Charles V during the Schmalkaldic War.


More about the rules and purpose of this game can be found here.

DeKoven School of Arms

I just returned from this years DeKoven School of Arms (the off year event from WMAW). This year’s event was centered on the Italian arts, making it the perfect venue to show off my reproductions of illustrations from Marozzo’s Opera Nova. I had a wonderful time connecting with the community and even found time to attend a class on hip movement when making a cut or thrust in an opposition stance.

I just had a fantastic weekend at Protospiel Chicago. While I was there, I played a lot of games that are in development and met a lot of game designers. Much of my time was spent discussing user interfaces in board games. UI is very important in board games, and a good UI is built in combination between the mechanic and the graphics. You can find out more about UI in tabletop gaming here:

Happy 50th, Star Trek

I’ve always been a huge Star Trek fan. I might even go so far as to say that ST:TNG played a huge part in developing my social belief structure. That said, it is Uhura that symbolizes Star Trek for me. She gently pushed the boundaries of society towards the humanist ideal that I hold so dear. It is that confident nudge, that gentle tug at American culture towards a better future for everyone that makes Star Trek more than just entertainment. To celebrate, I would like to share with you this drawing that I made of Uhura:



Would you like to hear me talk about my work for a half hour? You’re in luck!


My reproductions of Jost Amman’s illustration for page 45 of Ritterliche Reutter Kunst (first published in 1584) are now complete. A few have even been hand painted!

The Game Crafter has developed the ability to laser cut custom chits. Draupnir Press can help you create the vectors needed to use this new option:

Making your game

Draupnir Press offers all the help you need to get from template to upload at The Game Crafter.

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All rewards have been sent out! Thank you so much for your patience with this project as I struggled with the 1568.

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